Monday, March 1, 2010

things i have learned so far working at a doctor's office

1. Most people want whatever the fuck they want RIGHT NOW. It's irrelevant that the phones are ringing off the hook and there are 394082735934897 charts that I have to go through which are all patients that have records dating back to like 1982, and you're asking me to ship your whole damn chart across the country for no reason, but you want it done today. RIGHT NOW. In fact, you want me to tell you over the phone when i will complete this task. I'll let you know, I'm not going to do it RIGHT NOW.

2. Some people are just straight up crazy. Also, i do not understand how/why these crazy people have children.

3. Kids are not really that bad. That being said, OMG YOUR KID NEEDS TO STFU HOW ABOUT SOME DISCIPLINE ONCE IN AWHILE. I could rant on about the various monsters that come and go through my office, but I won't. Maybe another day.

4. I really do not like looking at pictures of someone's inner ear. I work at an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor and I have yet to get used to the spiraly, waxy, hairy insides of old man ear. It always pops up when you're least expecting it too, rummaging through someone's chart and BAM there it is. The throat is not much better.

5. Girls here are not like California girls. They are loud. They have fake nails. They cannot properly pronounce the word "drawer."

6. I get the feeling that I've learned nothing yet.

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